New! WITS participants in German Focus Group "Artificial Intelligence in the World of Work":

German Ministry of Employment Launches Think Tank on Work and Technology

Members of the WITS working group - John Zysman, Susan Helper, Martin Kenney, and Kenji Kushida - will be speaking at the launching event of the BMAS German Government think tank on Work and Technology and discussing issues of artificial intelligence and the world of work. For a detailed list of contents, please see our project page, or visit the WITS working group website. 

The Berkeley Work and Intelligent Tools and Systems (WITS) working group explores how we can go about shaping the world we want in the age of intelligent tools. The challenge, deep and real, is to architect that world, to find ways of working, earning, and learning that support the healthy development of our societies and economies, and the humans who inhabit them.

We are an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers from the fields of engineering and data science, economics, sociology, and political science. Through our connections with international institutions and stakeholders, we support ongoing dialogue and guide research, policy, and practice.